Cape Chestnut Tree (Calodendrum capense) Deep Forgiveness

There is much benefit in areas of forgiveness, kindness, and compassion that will show up for those using the flower essence of Cape Chestnut Tree. Forgiveness will begin with this for others or for one’s situation, but eventually come to one’s self. Eventually there will be an awareness of the sort of carrying of baggage effect, various attitudes, energies and other things that have to do with the past that are now let go of. More importantly though is the sense that you become convinced that you are willing to let go of the need to change the past, areas you wish that you had done differently you now more easily accept, having a sense of what is possible for yourself in the future then becomes easier to recognize. Sometimes one will have an awareness of someone who deserves more kindness or forgiveness who you never thought of this to before, a person who you might have even seen in a more platonic or non-emotional relationship, a way in which this energy suppressed, little known to you, now comes to the surface. It is wise to act upon that, to become more aware of a way in which a positive energy could flow between you and that person.


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