Canna Lily (Canna generalis) Emotional Honesty

This is a very helpful flower essence for bringing those aspects of ones emotional life consciously into awareness and increasing self-expression. This can be particularly helpful for actors, for those who wish to bring this deeper level of expression into their speaking, into their ability to communicate to large groups. Actors on stage, actors in film, even those who might be using this purely as psychodrama or for therapeutic healing with clients. The opportunity to allow these energies that may be deep seated to come to the surface and to understand them as if you were the director, as if you were standing aside, as if you could see them, this is one of the properties that Canna Lily conveys. A therapist using Canna Lily may have a deeper insight or understanding into the emotional issues the client is working with. With this lily, you can recognize and are able to convey your own central core or idea, bring forth a powerful emotional message that is true for you, and is that which you have that sense of sincerity or confidence to speak of, even if it is something that is rather personal or otherwise difficult to convey. There can be some strengthening of the fourth, fifth, and ninth chakras for most people with this elixir.


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