Camelia (Japonica) – Peace & Calm

This plant does appear to have some interesting properties in its ability to confer a sense of gentleness or a sort of opening within most people. A feeling of peace and calm may show up, followed shortly thereafter with a sense of something to be done, an action that needs to be placed in the world, something in which a sense of peace needs to be further strengthened, a way in which this energy may reach out to others or make a difference. Sometimes this can provide for some individuals a powerful impetus to do something political, to be involved in a way where they are doing positive clear actions in the world; but this may be one that quickly changes to find for the individual an awareness of something peaceful or strengthening or loving that comes from that initially political relationship. Camelia devas are relatively unafraid of people. For individuals who have a desire to make better contact with the devic orders, this may be a useful plant to work with. One could for instance take some of the essence, hold a sense of peacefulness or love and expanding consciousness, and then sit near the physical plant, preferably where it is growing outdoors, and simply wait. One may receive visions, ideas, energies, and find that this is more easily received and understood than in other situations.


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