California Snowdrop Bush (Styrax redivivus) Psychic Ability

Opportunity to use this to shift dimension to perceive the interpenetration of dimensions, to see this in different ways than you have before may show up for some people. There may be opportunities here within different people’s consciousness to bring forth innate hidden psychic abilities in ways that might have been more difficult for the individual to work with. The issue that is most controversial is that of translocation, being in two places at once, or moving the physical body from one location to another, or the opportunity to in some way relate to two spaces simultaneously, does appear to be enhanced by Snowdrop Bush. There appears to be a useful way to apply this as one may be in a state of meditation or working with a projection, and to deliberately attempt to visualize or attune to two locations at once. Thus one might utilize California Snowdrop, tune into an awareness of two locations, have the simple idea of receiving impressions, or moving, walking around in those locations. This is powerful and helpful training at the subtle level. Then utilizing the essence before falling asleep one may find it far easier to project. The reason for this is that when your consciousness is projected, you are in two locations, you are in the location that is associated with the physical body, that of the bed, and the one of the remote location where your consciousness is focused at that time. California Snowdrop does also appear to bring an awareness of inner truth for individuals, the opportunity to perceive things that were not apparent previously, understand this as truth in others, but more clearly for yourself, and this can give a degree of sense of honesty and interactivity between the conscious mind and the causal body, that is, mental and causal working together in harmony. There does appear to be some benefit here with the feline kingdom, an opportunity to perceive through their eyes. Many individuals with a great attraction to cats will have benefit in understanding their animals better using this flower essence because of their innate ability to translocate, move through dimensions, interact in various ways.


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