California Peony (Paeonia californica) – Inner Beauty

There does appear to be a shift at the psycho-physical or spiritual level in which ones relationship between aspects of beauty and strength changes. This is an area under a great deal of reconsideration amongst people at the current time, and people are currently getting a tremendous degree of value out of reevaluating this for themselves. Many times these aspects, beauty and strength in particular, are significantly influenced by karma, and not very easy to change within your life. Though a great deal can be done, a great deal of focus, a great deal of shifts in energy, most people pretty much stay with the essential characteristics that they begin with. It is always possible to make modification to physical body, to increase strength by repeated exercise or diet or drugs; or to affect the beauty of the physical body by surgeries. But to those with the keen eye to discern and understand this, one recognizes it as an overlay, as that which is added to, as a result of the individual recognizing in some way something is deficient. What is deficient in the individual, how they will balance this for themselves by something affecting physical body is often going to be a powerful influence, but will not directly affect the soul. What they learn from this is significantly enhanced by California Peony, a way in which they come to understand where beauty and strength can be blended in themselves, where they can be better understood, better mated, better worked with, better received, and so on. One would certainly recommend this flower for all athletes, for all involved in professions where other people see you, where you are an actor or a musician, the changes, the transformations you must make to your craft will certainly be assisted greatly by California Peony. This holds true for performing animals as well.


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