Cacao (Chocolate Tree) (Theobroma cacao) – Self Acceptance

With Cacao elixir, many parts of the body can have increased sensitivity – or decreased sensitivity in areas of injury and pain. By decreasing over-sensitivity, Cacao is helpful for seasonal allergies. The ability of Cacao to help one to match vibrations with the earliest cells in your body. This elixir also stimulates sensitivity to others, which will assist with counseling, as two people attune to a common goal. Attuning to gentler things will be assisted. Individuals may consume chocolate to dull their sensitivity to the love they need, and this essence can help one in the letting go of the desire for sweetness found externally in food and in recognizing sweetness as being internally generated. Those struggling with body image can use cacao to help envision a new body. This greater sensitivity can allow one to better receive the higher vibrations from a spiritual teacher. One can learn to choose what to be sensitive to.


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