Bugle Lily (Watsonia pillansii [S. Africa]) – Personal Awareness

This does seem to be a very interesting helpful remedy for many individuals coming to a deeper understanding of their own existence, coming into physicality, choosing life. This goes often for individuals to the core of the sense of the very need to be alive, to sense their own possibility, their own understanding of themselves. This for many individuals can be a vibrational journey into silence. And so in this way it is able to provide for individuals the underlying question, the sense that brought them into existence: what are they here for, what it is about others, what it is about life? This fundamental question turns out to be pretty different for different people. You are choosing life in order to experience connectedness, but for some individuals choosing life in order to experience the world in its physical form, for others to experience movement, for others to experience their own capacity to create.

Of course everyone to some extent has all of these and other capacities that they are choosing, but as they are able to become more aware of this, sense it, it creates for them a sense of their own individual power. Power is a very difficult area for people to understand. For some individuals therefore working with this flower may bring up for them a new question, the sense that they have completed that which they have worked with, and in the silence, in the emptiness, in the sense of between, what comes up for them is something different, a whole new area to look at, to explore, to understand. It is not going to be shocking to your guides or to your soul, in fact it is from their point of view that a collective virtual sigh of relief is then given because at last you recognize that you know. It has often been stated that an individual is most afraid of their own power. This flower does not address fear, but it does allow you to better come to understand and work with this sense of yourself, your own individual power, in a way then in which you may be able to understand it, accept it, and then ask the more fundamental question about all of this: have I learned it yet? Did I get it? Has it shown up for me sufficiently? Do I feel that enough?

What is particularly unusual about this flower, this blending of higher vibrational energies at the causal level with those at the physical level at the areas of the root, second, and third chakras, combining with that of the eleventh and twelfth chakras.


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