Bromeliad (Guzmania irene) – New Abilities

This flower offers an important capacity conveyed for individuals who are beginning to awaken psychic abilities and are confronting the issue of how to appropriately share this, convey it to others, work with it in ways that incorporate it in their lives; how will these abilities be appropriately integrated. Most people will find that as their psychic abilities naturally increase and are enhanced, as would often be the case in using this flower, that there is a strengthening of their ability to connect to others, to communicate this, to find the abilities more useful, to use them in ways in which other people can truly, deeply benefit. Often, individuals have left at the higher vibrational level important messages, ideas, sense of what was possible for them in this life, things that they have not had easy access to. Oftentimes there is an emotional sense within the individual that these aspects might be available, a longing perhaps, a sense that something somewhere in the world is missing. This can be a very important helpful force, pushing individuals to investigate in many aspects of the subtle realities around them, to interact with other people in ways that they hadn’t previously considered possible, to learn areas of their psychic development or capacity to express themselves that they would not have otherwise felt the need to.


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