Bright Ivy Geranium – Forgiveness

It is noted that as one will use this flower essence there can be some easing of various addictions. In particular however one may be able to better produce a sense of forgiveness for yourself, but more importantly for others, in particular those who in some way in your emotional body you have felt are somehow connected to your addiction. This is a very difficult and yet very important piece in the releasing of addictions process.

Many individuals who struggle with some addiction, and really this applies across the entire spectrum of this, something that is so profoundly affecting your life that it is very difficult to stop it, and it is that which is significantly impacting your life in a negative way, and in this way in which the individual is able to release this, they will often find that there is a sense of a hook, something deep, a feeling in them that holds them. Of course this is generally allied or described by those who are experts in the field with the association with pain. It can be towards the avoidance of pain as in various responses when addictions are stopped such as withdrawal symptoms, etc. Or it can be the desire for greater pleasure or sense of deeper powerful positive energies, hence recent innovations in brain science uncovering significant similarity between the human orgasm and the use of heroin. But these actually, particularly for the addict, figure far less into the addictive problem than the experts realize.

This is certainly true and important to look at, these aspects of pleasure and pain, but it is also very important to recognize that the individual will typically have created some relationship to a deep emotional issue that they have some denial, some resistance, some inability to better understand.


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