Blue-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium iridacea) – Emotional Release

Blue-eyed grass has capacity to help people in their struggles around emotions, but most importantly those emotions that they have rejected in themselves, those that have somehow been showing up in their lives at turning points or in areas that need attention, and yet they do not easily accept them. This is not to say that this flower essence is primarily for men, as all people could bring benefit to this. The hidden emotions, the rejected emotions, those energies that are difficult for the individual to work with, are often those that they are unaware of; this is why it becomes such a problem. Of course all they have to do is ask any of their friends, who would tell them in a flash what emotion they have greatest difficulty with. And you will see this frequently with men with emotion of sadness or grief, and with women with emotion of anger. But in various ways and various forms, these energies as they show up can be accepted and shifted into a way in which that which was underneath this, typically something you were afraid of, an issue from the past, some aspect of learning or understanding or seeing of yourself, that one of these can then come into consciousness and finally, completely, be released. This is not to say that Blue-Eyed Grass will do this by itself, but it will gently but steadily help you understand this, welcome it in your own consciousness, and find the way in which the beneficial way to release it can show up in your life. We would suggest if possible that people use a simple ritual when taking this flower essence. Whatever emotional release process, whatever way is comfortable for you is the one that you would use as part of this. First you take one drop under the tongue or have a little sniff of the mist, and then you ask this simple question: if an emotion was present and it could be released now, what would it be? Give it voice, have a sense of it. Do not ask where it came from or why, simply be aware of that, breathe three times, three deep breaths as you have the sense of that moving through you to truly deeply feel that emotion. Then take one more drop, and then begin that process, whatever it is for you that works, that emotional release, that emotional insight, that deeper cognitive process, whatever it is, and then end simply by noting the nature of what was there, what pictures show up, what energies. Make a few notes about it, then get up and walk, move the body, dance, swing the arms, blink the eyes, whatever it is that is appropriate for your condition so that some physical action takes place as if to seal and release the energies of this ritual. This may bring a great deal of deeper insight into the awareness of what emotions you hide from yourself, what ways you do not so easily acknowledge and work with them.


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