Tin – Non-Reactivity

This elixir can create a state of perfect reflectivity and inertness to outside events. One can enter into more non-reactive, compassionate states, and not feel the need to interact in ways that can create harm or struggle. The elixir can help an individual form their words more carefully, by creating a better understanding of their thought patterns and their ability to share their best in the world. The elixir?s ability to provide an individual with a greater sense of self and non-reactivity to outside events is the property transferred from the signature of tin. The subtle bodies naturally reflect back harmful energies, so that they are received back by the person who generated them. Tin elixir can make it easier to do this consciously. When there is more consciousness involved in the process, sometimes you can provide more compassion, love, understanding, and awareness to the person projecting these energies. Certain martial arts skills are clearly based on this ability to reflect such energies, such as aikido and certain ancient forms of chi gung and shaolin. The ability to understand and work with these martial arts in a more conscious fashion will also be promoted by the use of this elixir.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in