Palladium – Soul Energies

Palladium is seen in nature to have a wide variety of catalytic reactions and ability to catalyze various other substances. Platinum also has some of these properties, but in many ways, Palladium is more effective and less understood. There is little scientific understanding about the chemisty of palladium. The true way in which it works is to catalyze by transforming the aetheric pattern of a substance. A new pattern of interaction is created which allows the Palladium to merge briefly on an aetheric level with other substances. In utilizing this elixir, great transformation can take place at the aetheric level in an individual. The ability of the aetheric body to transform energy created from meditative work, visualization, mental energy, etc. into physical healing is significantly aided by this elixir. When used over time, Palladium elixir can exert a profound effect on one?s ability to utilize the soul energies. These are energies that often relate to your soul group (the beings you are united with vibrationally).


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