Combo 405 Geopathic Stress

(Sweet Corn, Green Rose, Lotus, Potato, White Diamond, Argon)
Many people have been struggling with sensitivity to difficult Earth energies. Of course moving the location of where they sleep is worth pursuing. By using this combo, this problem is somewhat eased. Corn would appear to have some benefit here because of the way it can allow you to tap into the collective consciousness. Green Rose can be helpful in attuning an individual better to the environment to receiving some of the psychic energy so that one can make the appropriate modifications and have appropriately balanced sensitivities. Lotus and White Diamond have been used in the past. The most interesting one of study is potato as it has an interesting capability in attunement to the ground but at the same time has attunement to the psychic level, and could be one of the preeminent flower essences for assistance with this process. Individuals working with geopathic stress will frequently have a great deal of difficulty with correct assimilation of water, and tomato in the raw form and Tomato flower essence also would be helpful. The point being that ones deeper attunement to the Earth and hydration and water in many ways will bring some shifts in consciousness that will make it easier to grapple with this difficulty. For best results alternate Tomato flower essence with this combination.


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