Combo 169 Heart Healing

(Blackberry, Cosmos, Lotus, Pomegranate, Rosa Macrophylla, Emerald, Ruby, Gold, Argon, Venus)

This mixture is for those that have certain pre-existing factors both emotionally and physically that might lead to a path of dealing with heart illness. The idea is to limit the severity of future heart difficulties. In addition to this is the sense within the individual that shifts the moment they reach for a flower/gem essence. Many times those with heart difficulties have a great resistance to subtle remedies or subtle vibratory methods, and the very idea that they would be open to such is just in and of itself a tremendous help when it comes to healing of any of the various heart conditions. This formula will work just as well for women as for men, even though women do not usually display the same hard-hearted or cold-hearted archetype as men can.


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