Combo 167 Memory Loss

Combination 167 (Comfrey, Gingko, Mallow, Krypton, Neon, Adhara, Aldebaran) Memory Loss

When one is treating memory problems, working with the understanding of advanced age, understanding of the consciousness as it changes, becoming more aware of the beings on the other side, not just relatives, friends, loved ones, etc, but your own consciousness, the aspect of you that you have separated from your own physical being and allowed to remain on the other side while a portion of you came into existence here. All of these become thinner, all of the ability to perceive this and work with it becomes more available. This combination, rather than affecting the brain affects the entire head, as if presenting a helpful glow; thus visualizing this glow around the head can be very helpful when taking this mixture. Wearing a xenon device is a good complement to utilizing this formula.


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