Combo 165 - Ascension

Chocolate lily, mariposa lily, jelly opal. lotus, chaparral, four leaf clover, sunflower, helium, xenon, aldebaran: This formula is for those approaching the transition time with greater insight, intuition, understanding and less fear. Much learning, positive self assessment, and greater compassion will be provided with this combo.

This is to make the next journey smoother and to assist those in moving on to their next level of awareness with less fear. It can allow a greater awareness of past lifetimes and with a greater acceptance of the ways in which one has died. With this understanding, it is easier to let go of the fear and recognize the natural balance of things in the world.

People who are assisting parents and loved ones from this world can also use this elixir, seeing deeper lessons in your own life as they relate to difficult deaths in your past lives and shifting those energies and one’s understanding of death. The astral body can be significantly strengthened.


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