Combo 164 – Radiation Miasm

There can be much benefit in using the radioactive elements as a way of attuning one to the whole radiation miasm, clearing it, cleansing it, shifting it, and shifting ones relationship to this. People are being exposed to higher and higher levels of radiation in so many applications, even radiation in food; and so any way to clear and cleanse this certainly makes sense. More and more individuals are being affected negatively by excessive radiation, with the most common application and most difficult issue of this for most people is air travel.There may be value in this combination to be taken at the end of air travel, as the body then is able to cleanse and clear the effects of radiation. This radiation is the result of being high up in the atmosphere and not from the x-ray machines at the airport although they do contribute somewhat. With other exposures to radiation, this mixture would be a valuable adjunct, such as after a chest or dental x-ray. In addition, any of the flowers to assist with higher consciousness, for instance silversword or green rose, may be of some value with this combination because in the development of higher radioactive states, a natural attunement to higher consciousness is an important factor that can produce physical benefit in the human body. The higher consciousness aspect of this has to do with attuning to ones environment, to becoming one with various vibratory energies around one in such fashion that radiation does not harm and is not perceived as a threat. Thus these higher attunements, becoming one with the environment, etc., are all enhanced and brought into a more conscious state with this combination. Green Rose, Silversword, Sea Lettuce, Magnetite neg/pos, Cuprosklowdowskite, Kasolite, Autunite, Yttrotungstite, Strontianite, Smoky Quartz, Krypton, Cor Caroli, Tau Ceti.


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