Combo 158 - Gratitude

There are many belief patterns that will likely surface for individuals through the use of this elixir. Sometimes these will seem completely unrelated to the idea of gratitude or shifting ones attitude or seeing things in a new light. While one is utilizing the combination however, these will pop up. Pay close attention to these belief patterns, play with them a bit, learn the emotions behind them, then ask that crucial question: How might this be limiting my ability to discover gratitude? Where does gratitude fit in my understanding and utilization of these belief patterns? How might they in some ways affect how I know gratitude or find it in life?Secondly, make this an essence that assists in ones own day to day activities, that is, finding gratitude as part of everyday life: as in working with others, talking on the phone, interacting at the store, as if looking in oneself to discover all of the shields, or various components of walls or separation that one normally allows in day to day interaction.Question this carefully. Is it possible to release some of these? Is it possible that gratitude is hidden out of fear or other energies. Sometimes this can be a powerful journey into the self where an awakening takes place that releases a variety of emotions.Next recognize that as the gratitude is created, there will be a natural resonance with helpers and higher vibrational energies, in which some natural way of working with gratitude is also present, as if these energies multiply and assist each other. In addition, the ability to use this in a bath is strongly recommended, as individuals can attune better from the physical side. Sacred Basil, Bee Balm, Choke Cherry, Elephant?s Head, Azurite, Green Jasper, Star Sapphire, M33, Helios, Neon.


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