Combo 156 – Forgiveness

With this mixture, one can increase one's ability to for self-forgiveness, even those issues that have been around for multiple lifetimes. These issues can be allowed to come up, to be welcomed and finally to be shifted.After using this remedy, one can relax into a higher vibrational state, a movement into into a natural space where a clear conscious change can take place. As a result, one can shift one's awareness of forgiveness from an emotion to a discovery of a condition, a condition that once it has been accepted, enhanced, and allowed can move into a more permanent space of activation and assistance. This contextual shift at a high vibrational level can start to answer some inner questions around an adversarial system and competition that is enforced on many levels within this society.One can start to realize a level of forgiveness and acceptance that is apparent in nature as one watches the cooperation between many species.Through the shift enabled by this elixir, one can sense an inherently transformative energy that tends to connect many higher levels of vibration, aligning chakras 7-11. As forgiveness is allowed more deeply into a person's awarenesss, a principle of manifestation begins to emerge. This is the capacity by which one accepts , those aspects of life that easily and naturally support and love you. Discovery of forgiveness is a powerful tool to change relationships; to change the relationships to oneself, to one's family, to one's friends, to all beings of the world. With repeated use of this elixir, the mind opens itself and joins the heart to more easily accept and continue the manifestation of this energy to higher and higher vibrational levels. It is as if the heart enters into the mind as if an accepting, loving way of being is allowed through you to share with all beings and act as an example of benefit and forgiveness. Nodding Onion, Silversword, Ruby, El Nath, M22.


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