Combo 155 – Compassion

For many individuals, issues that have been repressed with regards to times and awareness of compassion denied, will become more conscious. This will increase the outward movement of compassion for others, for the Earth, for devas, for subtle energies, etc. At the same time, there will be an awareness within of a love, a sense of purpose, an inter-conectiveness to other beings, other lifestreams, a sense of recogntion of one's similarity and awareness of many energies of nature, of life, of the principle of manifestation itself, and the understanding of God. This will then increase one's inner levels of compassion, self-forgiveness, and acceptance of the human condition. This will ultimately release large reservoirs of energy that may have been stuck for many lifetimes, that can be experienced in a healthy way. There will be a sense of alignment of purpose of the heart and the mind. One can start to expand the possibilities of receiving compassion from higher vibrational levels than you have ever imagined. As an affirmation:I accept that I am a deeply compassionate being. I accept that there is a place for this energy in the world. To repeat this affirmation, with the gesture or symbols of the open palms would be valuable as one works with this remedy. Gardenia, Lotus, Shasta Daisy, Sunflower, Emerald, Gold, Xenon, Helios, Aldebaran.


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