Combo 151 - Past Life

Outside of wanting to know which ruler of the various Egyptian dynasties that you just know deep within you that you must be, there is great benefit in consciously looking at past patterns so that you do not have to repeat them again and again. At the highest levels, soul personality and soul history are quick paths for self-analysis and rapid growth. This formula will speed the process up a bit without the need to emotionally re-experience some of the more difficult details. There can also be a new perspective in looking at some of the grittier aspects. From a more conscious level we can look at some of our oft-repeated relationships of light and dark components, to receive the necessary wisdom without the self-judgment. Aloe Vera, Barley, Black Cohosh, Goldenseal, Meteorite, Petrified Wood, Picture Jasper, Pink Diamond, Quartz Lepidichrosite Goethite, Krypton, Luna.


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