Combo 148 - Anti-Abduction

It is useful for those suffering from the shock and returning memory of involuntary meetings with de-evolutionary alien beings. Can ease the discomfort and emotional trauma as well as disengage the energy body from the possibility of repeated visits. It is useful to have a health practitioner or sensitive friend to go along with on this journey towards wholeness and freedom from unwanted alien attention. There is always a positive ability, usually spiritual awakening that is transferred during these alien encounters. This formula should aid those in clarifying these new spiritual gifts. If this subject matter feels upsetting you may wish to take a deeper look. If this subject seems too far-fetched, understand that there are thousands if not millions of beings suffering from these meetings and they have a need to be treated effectively and compassionately. Aloe Eru, Kinnick Kinnick, Lotus, Emerald, Iridium, Neon, Barnard?s Star, Draconis, Rigel, Pleiades.


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