Combo 138 – Accelerating Karma – NEW!

Combination 138 (Argon, Helium, Krypton, Neon, Xenon) Accelerating Karma
What tends to occur here is a gradual shift for most individuals to more physical energy, the sense of awareness of the energy as it moves in and out of the body, a sense of a greater physical aliveness. This is not as direct consequence of the inert gases themselves as it is the idea that the individual is gradually opening at every possible level to more energy and becoming more comfortable with this in general. Of course for athletes or people who are working very strongly already with more powerful levels of physical energy, this will be a gentle boost, but will not have as much of a significant physical effect. Generally what seems to happen for most individuals working with this is that the aetheric body is making a continuous change, moving and shifting from one way of taking and using energy to another, connecting more at the physical level in all cases, but at completely different places at physical level over time. At times opening lower chakras, at times higher chakras; or another way of seeing this, at times the liver function will take over for the other organs, at other times the other organs will become stronger and allow greater healing. In the time of the waning moon there will be cleansing or clearing in the nasal area, followed by cleansing or clearing in the intestinal area, and for a time through the blood, and a time for the skin, etc, etc. The interesting aspect here is that gradually over time with use of combo of all five gases as elixir a question emerges: it is a question in consciousness for the individual that has usually not been addressed in the life, and will typically look like: how do you relate between the aetheric and physical dimensions? This is a very difficult question for most people, and so it will tend to translate down into something more acceptable or assimilable like: Something like, do you recognize how you are influencing the absorption and utilization of energy in your life by your thoughts? Do you recognize and work with the development of consciousness as it affects the physical? Can you better assimilate and understand how you are changing yourself as you create your own thought patterns, your own energy, your own awareness? These are of course aspects that are not simply personal: they must relate to the group, the people you are in regular communication with at work, at home, in family, or in other ways as you communicate. The point is that as this evolves, the question becomes crisper, clearer, and more potent. It is not as easily answered, and it eventually leads one to a spiritual journey, or with resistance a spiritual crisis. This typically can result in dramatic changes for the individual, but it relates back to the way in which they are willing to examine the whole issue of the subtle as it comes into the physical; not an easy thing for most people, and that which would be almost unavoidable when all five gasses are employed because if the path in one direction is blocked, it then finds another way through; that this ability to be flexible and use many of these directions is enhanced. It is an area also of subset study of a significant group advocating utilization of pure xenon in pendant at the same time as all five gasses as a spray or all five gasses taken as vibrational remedy under the tongue, because this does seem to supply an important missing component and speed up the entire process. One might say, not for the faint of heart, to utilize a euphemism; meaning more specifically, utilize this as an important energizer to speed up this deeper questioning process, and assist on many levels. We mention this as a subset or minority because there are those who would recognize that as we have stated in the past, many working with xenon simply are not ready to absorb and work with it on a continuous basis. Having presence of other inert gases generally helpful to step down and make more assimilable and absorbable that xenon energy. Here then we are seeing a further stretch in this step-down process, an intriguing one. The step-down does not occur at aetheric level; it occurs at a higher vibrational subtle level by the presence of these in the vibrational form rather than the more physical form of the gases themselves. This however is traded off with the actual increase in aetheric energy from the xenon in the pendant form, which then tends to create a powerful awakening in consciousness at the higher vibrational level. It is almost as if the utilization of xenon with any of the vibrational remedies is also then open to a new facet or a new area of study. The difficulty here is that one would tend with the other remedies to need to focus more consciously and clearly in order to work with the aspects of higher vibrational energy and higher aetheric energy. With the inert gases in vibrational form, this is done entirely for you; you actually do not have to put too much attention on this. But the issue of what is sometimes termed karmic speedup will probably occur to a small extent with combination of all five, and more so when the xenon pendant is added.


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