Combo 136 - Grain Combo

Most of the nutrient qualities of these grains are transferred to the flower essence. Combined together these three grains are a universal food. It is best to take these three essences in a combination. They affect a fairly broad spectrum of nutrient qualities. This is the key reason why these grains are presented here. You can deduce by their nutrient properties their application to various disease states. There are many applications here. When there is an allergy to one of these grains use the flower essence rather than a homeopathic preparation to alleviate the allergy. The aetheric and mental bodies are enhanced and there is a major impact on the meridians. It cleanses and balances them. This can be utilized to help cleanse some of the negative consequences of the storing of grains in the physical body.

Millet, Wheat, Barley..


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Weight 3.2 oz