Combo 124 – A Dozen Roses

A beautiful blend of roses from diverse regions of the world, when one feels a need for the healing properties of these magnificent beings. Some interesting signatures of roses are their aroma, color, romantic association, shape, and thorns (duality – between the highest loving aspects and the more painful darker aspects). Many times in working to bring out the most loving energies of oneself one needs to examine and work with the shadow self . Roses can symbolize this process. A being from Lemurian times, named Cha A Ra was/is very responsible for the development of the rose form as we know it today. By saying that name aloud when using rose flower essences the experience may be more profound.

Rosa Centifolia Cristata, Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis, Rosa Damascena Bifera, Rosa Gallica Versicolor, Rosa Hardii, Rosa Hemispherica, Rosa Horrida, Rosa Kamchatka, Rosa Macrophylla, Rosa Roxburghii, Rosa Virginia, Koenign Van Daenmark.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in