Combo 116 – Earth Healing

A greater connection to the Earth is likely through the use of this remedy. This facilitates not only a greater ability to offer healing to the Earth but also to receive impressions or information from the Earth. Useful for those who dance or do rituals celebrating living on the planet. Can also be used by citydwellers to stay in contact with Earth energy. A joyous feeling of praise or celebration may arise from just being in a physical vehicle. Enhanced communication across great distances e.g. World Peace Meditation. A greater ability to tap into databases of higher dimensional reality located at or near major planetary grid points. A chance to be in harmony with the majestic Earth entity. Shasta Lily, Motherwort, Okenite, Larimar, Anapoite, Arthurite, Gyrolite, Jarocite, Berthierite, Rosacite, Augite, Hankockite, M67, Schedar.


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Weight2.86 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in