Combo 115 – Understanding Weight

To better understand the bottom line reality of excess weight in a human or animal. What are the payoffs for too much weight? What does this condition help you to achieve? Sometimes it is just to keep people further away from our hearts by creating a barrier of flesh. Sometimes excess weight can result from difficulty connecting to the Earth or working with gravity. Sometimes there are survival issues involved. This remedy will bring to the surface all self-image related difficulties to look at. There will also be an improved ability to visualize the physical image that you wish to attain. There will be improved appetite control, suggesting an increased ability to receive the sweetness of life vibrationally rather than through eating. Can also bring about increased awareness for conditions of too little weight and its difficulties. Nasturtium, Vanilla, Tree of Life, Self Heal, Combo 53, Neon, Red Beryl, Endlichite, Chromium, Alderamin, Jupiter.


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