Combo 114 – Addictive Patterns

This combination can help shift away from certain addictive behavior. It may bring to the surface the reason behind an addictive pattern. This is the real way of ending addictive patterns through greater understanding of one's need for them. This can include addiction to various substances, various drugs, alcohol, food, coffee, etc. There also are addictive tendencies in certain activities. This could be obsessive reading, watching television, excessive exercise, internet chat rooms, etc. What are these addictive patterns enabling us to avoid? Often these tendencies may be active through various lifetimes. A particular pattern might be easier to clear up by working on the lifetime that the pattern had first originated.Co-dependent tendencies can be released through use of this remedy. One of the most serious addictive patterns found today is thought addiction. This is an over-reliance on the logical aspect of the mind. These are people who are overly analytical, who need to figure everything out. This combo can help one to shift into a more heart-centered and intuitive approach to life. Rosa Damascena Bifera, Tahitian Orchid Combo, Pennyroyal, Skullcap, Morning Glory, Bo Tree, Woodwardite, Ferberite, Argon, Fomalhaut, Mirfak, Petra.


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