Combo 109 – Animal Attunement

A greater attunement with the animal kingdom is achieved with this elixir. This is helpful for working with livestock or pets and can be useful when working with animal guides or power animals. Communication with dolphins and cetaceans is greatly improved, which enhances meditation and healing techniques. A great deal of spiritual energy and compassion can be achieved through improved animal attunement. There might also be relief from certain skin disorders of a mysterious nature. An improved ability to dialogue with bacteria, parasites, and viral forms may be found. This can be used to shift their activities in the body to a more benign nature. As one learns to communicate with other animal life forms, abilities to communicate with even more diverse life forms can occur. Can be used to give to animals to improve their human communication. Perfect to encourage both humans and animals to shift to a vegetarian diet. Chaulmoogra Hydnocarpus, Pussy Paw, Scarlet Gilia, Ohi?a Lehua, Epistilbite, Papagoite, Andradite, Brochantite, Hankockite, Larimar, Boji Stone, Kutnahorite, Adhara, Asellus Australis.


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Weight2.86 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in