Combo 101 - Psychic Awareness

A rich experience is available to all those who wish to develop many new higher dimensional abilities. Many of you are already using some of these abilities without really knowing it. The capacity to see into other dimensions or hear them is quite possible. The art of visualizing or bringing great creative ideas into form is enhanced. Healing techniques for oneself or others can be realized. A great way for those already working with advanced abilities to develop them further and more quickly. Please use some caution to be sure that you are ready for these new energies. A certain level of groundedness is advisable. If you have difficulty navigating around a 3 dimensional world it may be tricky to start running around a 4th, 5th or 6th dimensional one. Put your Earthly house in order before you venture off-world. Krypton, Jelly Opal, Green Rose, Potato, White Diamond, Eyebright, Periwinkle, Silversword, Almach, Alnitak, Phecda.


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