6th Chakra – Psychic Awareness

The 6th chakra stimulates the pituitary gland, immune system, creative visualization and visions. Greater insight, understanding, inspiration, and intuition develop through the use of this elixir. This chakra is concerned with philosophy, the nature of God, and how God manifests on the physical plane. This combination essence will tend to bring a deeper awareness of various paranormal abilities with an enhanced ability to integrate them into one’s life. The elixir can allow people to release intrusion or negative thought forms so it will act as a protection against psychic attack or just being around some dense energies. With the use of this preparation, karmic issues will be more discernible with a greater recall of dreams and memory of past lifetimes. The color indigo is associated with this chakra. (German Chamomile, Green Rose, Hops, Nasturtium, Potato, Redwood, Amber, Amethyst, Cat’s Eye Tourmaline, Charoite, Eudialyte, Kaemmerite, Light Opal, Moonstone, White Quartz, Krypton)


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