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People in Space - Pegasus Products

People in Space

John Heinerman, Ph.D.

An interest in what’s out in space is strong in the minds of millions. Only in the universe can humankind find the origins of its true identity. To this end People in Space was written as a serious and well-documented attempt by a famous anthropologist to answer our most fundamental questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Within these pages you will encounter the humanlike residents of the Moon, the Sun, various stars, and planets such as Mercury and Venus. You will discover “lost” Egyptian and Israeli civilizations on Mars and Chiron. Borrowing from both the scientific realm and the rich resource material of early Mormon religious folklore, the author has put together an argument that we are not alone in space.

Why hasn’t NASA ever released its TOP SECRET information about human footprints, human skeletons, and human-produced light signals on the Moon?

Why haven’t archaeologists paid more attention to those confirmed pyramids, Sphinx-like objects, and “Inca” city ruins on Mars?

Is the Sun really populated by celestial beings like God?

Are black holes in space where devils and demons ultimately go?

Was Venus originally part of the Earth where the Gulf of Mexico is now?

John Heinerman, Ph. D. is an anthropologist who specializes in the study of folk medicine and other unusual subjects, including those of an astrophysical nature. Dr. Heinerman has developed a unique style of writing in which fact and folklore are carefully interwoven to create mosaic readings that are hard to put down. As the author of nearly 30 books on a wide variety of subjects, he has created an international following of several million devoted readers who find his works lively and controversial.


Soft cover, 138 pages.



Additional information

Weight7.2 oz
Dimensions9 × 6 × .5 in

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