Helium – Interconnection (faceted yellow zirconium bead)

Helium has the smallest size of the inert gases. This is symbolic on the subtle levels of the interconnectivity between many beings. The collective unconscious is stimulated and brought into a state of coordination. This will generally result in the release of negativity from the day. There is a significant relief of insomnia from using helium. This is one of the key indications of when to use the helium rather than the other gases, when there is sleep difficulty. Helium has some anti-viral properties. It is quite useful when wishing to connect to the Earth. This can be valuable in the birthing process. It is the most mutable of the gases, existing not only on the physical level but able to shift into other planes of existence as well. Helium is the main substance that is used by our sun in the stepping down process of higher vibrational realities into a more 3-dimensional base. There is an increase in life force in the presence of helium.


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Weight2 oz
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White, Green, Purple, Blue, Gold, Black, Hot Pink, No Necklace/Spiral Coil