Wild Licorice (Abrus precatorius) – Life Purpose

Wild Licorice essence helps to cleanse and fortify the astral body. In addition, it realigns the emotional body and strengthens the connection between the emotional and astral bodies. This can assist with projection, but it’s more important characteristic has to do with the understanding of karmic vector: the capacity to understand the thrust of your lives in regards to where they are heading, the in-body/out-of-body experience, the ability to make death transition easier, and to eventually manifest some important characteristics about the true meaning or summary of your life lessons. Wild licorice can help facilitate an acceptance of the positive value of negative experiences from recent past lives, and any latent difficulty with the assimilation and understanding of these prior to this incarnation. It is as if the wild licorice allows a certain positive, sweet, loving part of any aspect of one’s own personal experience to come forth, making it easier to review our karmic vector objectively and see where we need to go.


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