Tulip (Tulipa gesneriana) – Stagnant Thoughts

Generally speaking, this sense that movement is possible and that energies that had previously stagnated can be released is shared amongst all of these many varieties and colors of tulips. Tulip flower essence, and it does not matter what color or what type of tulip, here this is simply to allow them the sense that change is possible, that they can shift their perspective in ways they had not seen available to them previously, and that the change as it goes deep could indeed be quite powerful and transformative. In all cases the greater focus is on the mental body, the ability to take on new belief patterns, to release thought patterns that no longer serve, and more importantly, to put ones own sense of how one thinks, in the proper perspective, to balance this better with the emotions. The opportunity to release thoughts that have been stuck before and to have new ones, can in many cases, for individuals at the current time enable the opportunity to release long held beliefs. These often are at the root of stagnant thoughts, and an individual might not even be aware that those beliefs are present until they have some inspiration to examine them, accept them, and finally for themselves see them in an entirely new light. Tulip will give individuals a great deal of shifting and changing energies particularly in the chest, neck, and head region. Conception vessel meridian is stimulated, to a lesser extent gall bladder meridian. Strengthening is noted of the mental body, and this can extend into the astral and emotional bodies for some individuals.


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