Tree Poppy (Dendromecon rigida) – Family Relations

Tree Poppy has the interesting ability to shift the consciousness of people’s understanding of their family, a deeper awareness of a loving energy, particularly helpful in times when a family is going through changes, as the expression goes, the sense that there is a great shift within the family, an awareness of maturity of the young, the aging of the old, the death or struggle with various issues, and so on. A way in which the individual is to recognize a powerful blending between their own individuality and that of the family as a unit or a shared consciousness can be brought forth by Tree Poppy. A way in which those energies are changed in their own consciousness, an opportunity to see themselves as they have not before, this may be enhanced or strengthened. However, the deeper understanding of tree poppy relates to a much larger family, the family of all of humanity, and an awareness of a way of connecting and understanding them, blended somehow with your own individuality, the way you can understand and accept yourself. Sometimes this gives rise to a variety of emotions, many ways in which those emotions are able to be cleansed and assisted with Tree Poppy will be understood better when people are able to lay a powerful sense of forgiveness into their own consciousness. It may even be helpful to have a sense of forgiveness generated within you before you take the flower essence, a sense that that forgiveness is well placed or can somehow be in your heart. So the first thing to do then after taking Tree Poppy and coming to be around your family is to ask this simple question: how is that like me? Not just the person, but that characteristic, that aspect, and particularly those aspects that are very much those that draw your attention as being those that you would never do, an aspect of judging perhaps or releasing of emotion or violence, something that you would find distasteful or difficult. It is very difficult to ask that question of yourself: ‘How is that like me?’. But there is some aspect within you that is like that. But the more important part of tree poppy is that as you understand this, there will be an energy that is created. And so what opens here is an energy door or a conduit between you and the family members, a sense that it is possible to understand them better, to interact with them better, to love them, to allow them to love you, or whatever. Sometimes this is really valuable in your own personal evolution, because you are then aware of things that were previously hidden.


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