Sweet Pea Bush (Polygala myrtifolia) – Spiritual Understanding

Sweet Pea Bush has an interesting quality in bringing to individuals a deeper sense of their own spiritual evolution, the sense that they are able to relax into emptiness, and as a result, discover more of their own unique spirituality. In particular, there is a slowly revealing shift within the collective consciousness of many people on the planet who have studied and worked with esoteric literature regarding the pineal gland. many of the assumptions made about the pineal are incorrect, that they come from the spiritual literature which needed an association between each gland and each chakra, and therefore would associate spirituality with this gland.

Although there are indeed some important spiritual functions of the gland, there are not that those which are felt in everyday life for anyone; rather its true activation occurs in the moments just before death and in the way in which the physical body responds to this. But for most individuals it represents a spiritual quest, an awakening of the seventh chakra, an energy associated with transformation, and a deep association with God. In your understanding of what this means to you, sweet pea bush has tremendous value, not to confer this, but to show you what it really means, to help you understand what it is that you are interested in spiritually or in any kind of spiritual quest, what ways in which spirituality has affected your life, what energies you wish to change about yourself and your relationship to God.

Some benefit is noted to the gall bladder and governing vessel meridians. Some individuals will note benefit to the physical pancreas, and the sweet taste may shift for them. Some strengthening of astral, mental, and causal bodies occurs for most people. Some benefits are also noted to fourth, eighth, and twelfth chakras for most individuals.


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