Starclusters (Penta ianceolata [Africa]) – Evolving Human

Starclusters essence has interesting properties at enhancing communication with all forms of life from the very smallest to the very largest in all dimensions and at all levels. In particular, this has a great deal of focus on the ancient ones who have imperceptibly or with a strong energy at various junctures in humanity’s history influenced humanity at the physical level. Tuning into what it means to be a human, to interact with the extraterrestrials and guides for humanity that have contributed to what makes you human is a valuable process in understanding the purpose of humanity, and ultimately its interaction with the other species that influence this.

One would recognize in the typical way of signature, that improved communication or channeling or contact with star beings would seem the likely application, and there is some of this with star cluster flower essence. But it is this opportunity to understand the underlying connection that the extraterrestrials have with humanity that really is the spiritual gift of this flower. At the highest spiritual level star cluster flower essence poses a question: to what would you evolve personally? And in what way would that connect to all of humanity?

We note benefit to spleen and conception vessel meridians. Some benefit is noted to the physical liver for some individuals. Some strengthening of the violet ray and benefit is noted to seventh, eighth, and twelfth chakras for most people. Some strengthening of the astral and causal bodies is also noted.


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