Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) – Self Expression

There are some properties specifically related to pregnancy, various important components that do bleed over from common use. As an herb, raspberry tea is often utilized for a variety of female complaints and around issues of enhancing pregnancy, though the essence brings a degree of clarity to the entire process, the conception process for both men and women is brought into a state of greater awareness and clarity. The idea of bringing forth improved self expression is connected to this in one of the highest spiritual ways simply relating to the idea that a woman can express herself by bringing through life through her body, the sense that this could be more than just a biological process, the awareness of the many connections at higher levels of consciousness, all of this can connect into her understanding of her own relationship to the child to be. In addition is the way in which the expressive quality for men and women is brought into awareness. Many times it is as if you can step back from it for a moment, look at the areas you wish to express, have an entirely different context in which to hold them, be able to relate to them in a different way, a way you perhaps avoided in the past, help you observe blocks in ways in which such expression was then impeded and you did not even understand why. As you observe this, you may be more encouraged to make changes, but at the same time, you may be able to make some shifts in your own inner ability to relate to this. It is not so much a behavioral outer shift as an inner contextual shift that Raspberry appears to assist with. Raspberry has a variety of helpful qualities as other berries do to absorb, attract and combine with metals in the physical body. This is translated into a higher level of conductivity in the subtle bodies by the use of the essence. To some extent this does take place across all berries. But Raspberries in particular have some unique qualities here, enhancing or speeding up at a sort of subjective level the sense of ones attunement to forces of creativity. These can be from specific entities or they can be generalized energies such as from your own highest self or from the cosmos, but the sense that one is as if taking a step closer to this, releasing filters or barriers to these energies is often felt by those using Raspberry flower essence. In addition, there can often be a sense as one is allowing this creativity to flow through of a positive uplifting aspect to it, that it has something within it that feels right as a sense of correctness or love within it.


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