Natal Plum (Carissa macrocarpa grandiflora) – Sexual Understand

Natal plum has unique qualities as a flower essence at allowing individuals a deeper understanding of the meaning of sex in their lives, the meaning of attraction in their lives, the meaning to them of their understanding of love as it relates to these capacities of attraction and sex, the ability to integrate this and to understand it more deeply in their own personality, a level of deeper self-acceptance.

Natal Plum however is helpful for most people in a deeper understanding of their own need at times to be close to others and the recognition in themselves that that which they are attracted to in someone else is related to that which they are attracted to in themselves, that which is one of those things in themselves that they might deeply appreciate, that they might sense is valuable to others, that they may recognize is one of their strong points or positive qualities. Oftentimes though, this must be flipped around because it is that which is deep within you, and that is not so easy to bring forth and share.

Natal Plum flower essence at a higher vibrational level allows individuals to let go of their differences and come to a place in which they recognize a common bond that is very simple, almost primal in nature, that which relates to a sense of being here, being alive, being physical, a sense of the joy in life, a willingness to experience it more deeply, and its natural expression whatever way appears useful, be it sexually or creatively, will often result with repeated use of this flower essence. For some individuals it can produce a rather profound transformation where they see themselves differently, their desires for sex or attractiveness or connection to others are now seen in their true light in an understanding of their unique ability to recognize their intrinsic connection, that they are already connected, that this connection takes place at all vibrational levels.

Indeed what is here in the physical world, the sense of separation, is that which is artificial, that which is imposed temporarily. The soul has an intrinsic innate connection to all life, to all other beings, and especially to the people to whom you feel attracted or connected.


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