Large Leaved Glory Bush (Tibouchina heteromalla) – Enlightenment

This plant has an interesting capacity at connecting individuals to the devic kingdom, and where it can be found growing in nature anywhere in the world, benefit may be noted more so than with many other plants; sitting near it, meditating with it, etc. Attempting to grow this in any condition that will allow it might also be somewhat helpful for many individuals.

This flower essence has capacity to bring a sense of deeper enlightenment. It does not actually confer enlightenment; it does not actually bring to you a higher spiritual evolution. It simply answers the question: if I was enlightened, what would I feel like, what would this experience be like for me? Although it better clarifies the nature of this, what it is particularly helpful at is allowing you to bring up the most important questions, the questions about life, about purpose, about relationship and what you are here to learn with this.

Many times this is an especially helpful flower essence for individuals who have not had very much willingness to ask such questions, just the opposite of the sort of people you would think would be most attracted to flower essences in the first place, but those who are often close friends, relatives, and very commonly spouses of people who are attracted to and interested in flower essences. To ask these deeper questions is hard, it sometimes means that there is not going to be an answer. You just know that the answer that you come up with for yourself is going to fall up short of any sense of satisfaction, and as a result you may unconsciously turn away from even asking the question in the first place.

But for many individuals, the willingness to approach these issues is a point of powerful spiritual transformation, a willingness at the soul level to look at life differently, that in itself is of little meaning, it can however, only can be traced back to as a pivotal point in ones soul evolution the time at which you first began to ask the deeper questions. It can often lead to the sense that things have shifted, and yet you cannot put on your exact understanding of this, you cannot point to this or that that has changed, rather just having the general sense of this or the opportunity to know it.


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