Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia) – Self Understanding

Joshua tree is a beneficial plant on many levels, and it appears as if it has the property to strengthen people’s resolve, their ability to stay rooted and focused in what is needed, but at the same time allow some interconnection to other people, their awareness of each other and how they can cooperate and work together. As an elixir it shines in a way in which people can come to understand more consciously their own individualization, what it means to be individual; but at the same time naturally recognize their connection to the larger group, the collective group of humanity, the group of other beings in the universe and the capacity to interact with them and understand them.

Many times as people grapple with various difficulties in the development of their soul, it is this particular issue which gives rise to a wide variety of difficulties, a sequence that can lead to many lifetimes of suffering or difficulty. And indeed one recognizes the intrinsic order of the miasms showing up with Joshua Tree, in particular the ability to heal all miasms, and in particular the stellar miasm, and to a lesser extent the petrochemical miasm, both appear to be significantly shifted by this plant. In the way in which this plant then can be utilized as an elixir, it is noted to be of much value in a variety of healing aspects, but is particularly valuable with any chronic disease; anything that has been within the person for a fairly long period of time would qualify.

Joshua Tree confers on an individual this capacity for inner patience: patience with themselves, patience with others, patience with their own healing process.


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