Jacaranda Tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia) – Creativity

This tree has a variety of useful effects on the environment, producing in those who are around it a shift in consciousness, a momentary stillness or an aspect of deeper appreciation for themselves. This effect is strongly multiplied in the flower essence, a deep understanding of a sense of your own benefit, your own capacity to help others, an awareness of the way in which you can create a sense of peace for yourself and with others, but not a sense of peace that is sleepy or relaxed; rather a sense of peace with action, with the ability to bring into form your own hidden ideas, those you have been thinking about in a creative way. This can be very powerful and helpful, a way in which you develop a sense of self, and that this relates to your most creative side, can be particularly helpful for one class of people, this would be those who would say: ‘I admire creativity in others, but I do not have it in myself.’ This of course is not true. Many individuals have a great deal of hidden creativity or aspects that are unique to their own being that need to have outward expression in the world, but for some reason have been stopped. Most frequently it is a comment or a criticism when they were young from a teacher, a fellow peer, a parent, whatever, but for many individuals they took this deeply to heart and in some way believed it. Although Jacaranda can help turn this around, it is more that the individual becomes more aware of the fact, the simple clear truthful fact of their own innate creativity, uniqueness, ability to be of benefit to others, and so on.


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