Coast Coral Tree (Erythrina caffra) – Divine Purpose

The flowers from this tree make a particularly potent essence for a variety of stimuli into the sense of an individual to find ones path, to survive in the world, to bring a greater sense of aliveness and strength. For some individuals this will take a path of sexuality, but for others it will have an entirely non-sexual capacity, bringing instead a deep awareness of a reverence for aliveness and life itself, as if one has a newly discovered sense of purpose without any of the specifics, that is, actually knowing your purpose. This is sometimes a very helpful tool as individuals are investigating and finding out their purpose, their role in life, what they are here to do, and so on. Many times this will require, in coming to answer in this quest, different points of view, new ways of doing things, seeing things, ways of interacting that are ‘outside the box’. So then coast coral tree can be helpful at stimulating you to have the sense that you already know, that you totally and already recognize and understand the innate nature of why you are here, of your understanding of yourself, and that this has an aliveness component, a sense of power, energy, movement. This is not a sitting still energy, but one that is awakening and strong in the physical body as energy for doingness, for action. One could state that in a certain sense Coast Coral Tree confers a sort of mystical shift in an individual, that the energies seem almost miraculous, or shifting you in different ways about your purpose or understanding of yourself that you cannot understand, that you cannot put into words.


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