Clock Vine (Orange) – Emotional Clarity

Orange clockvine (Thunbergia gregori) has important characteristics in shifting awareness of emotions for most people, the ability to recognize their true emotions, not the emotion on the surface but that which is buried beneath it, will usually come forth for most people. People can begin to shift their relationship to those emotions into one in which they are then very easily able to understand their true source. The result of this will be an awareness typically of two primary emotions that begin to emerge for the individual. One will be that which is directly related to the emotional issue at hand, typically then along such lines as hopelessness, love, or compassion, or joy, or other positive pleasurable sensations; as anger or as grief or as shame. As one of these may begin to emerge for the individual, another begins to be clear to them as fear. The two emotions, these two primary aspects, are those which the individual is better able to see in an objective way, not feeling them so strongly, but able to work with them in a more conscious fashion. Sometimes this gives them emotional objectivity into the situation as well, the ability to make a shift by asking the right question or looking at things differently. As one becomes more aware of this emotional clarity, one is then usually prodded to ask questions about it, in particular the source of the fear to understand where this comes from. Typically at its core it will be fear of one’s own power or one’s own success, fear of some important issue in which a higher level of completion and benefit shows through or emerges.


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