Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) – Intimacy

Christmas cactus has ability to heal areas in consciousness where individuals have resisted intimacy, deeper acceptance of their own inner fears, various ways in which they are in denial about their own frailties, areas of delicacy or difficulty. This energy will typically relate to sexuality; sometimes these energies will be those that the individual has repressed, most likely with males. With females this can often lead to deeply buried abuse issues, not only from this life but from past lives, with the opportunity utilizing Christmas cactus flower essence to bring up these energies consciously and releasing them. As one is able to accept or love through one’s own self-discovered inadequacies, the individual will then find this deeper healing in connection to a much larger group, an energy associated with a deep sense of welcoming, loving, as if somehow you know that in spite of how you have seen yourself or judged yourself in the past, or imagine that you were judged by others, you are loved, you are welcomed in the larger community of spiritual beings. You are then seen in your perfection as lovable, even with weaknesses or aspects that you would self-judge.


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