Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria biflora) – Illuminating Death

There is a shift in people’s perspective on death as a result of the powerful and helpful action of Chocolate Lily. Death is a process that is constant, seen throughout all of the kingdoms, and a very important aspect of learning for everyone, yet there is so much entanglement with so many negative energies associated with it. Chocolate Lily allows individuals to understand this in their own personal direct way. It helps with a deeper awareness of their past lives, and in particular the ability to better accept the ways in which they died in those past lives. This is one of the most direct paths to deeper awareness of your past lives, you could say it is a direct willingness to remember the aspects that are most troubling. In fact these will generally be around the death experience because it was that which was for most people most traumatic or painful. Chocolate Lily clearly speeds up this process, allowing people to understand the perfection, the beauty, the way in which those energies of the past can be shifted into that which affects you now, can be those which enable you to let go of fear and accept the natural balance of all things in the world. This has been applied for some benefit for the death and dying process when people are in the process of passing over, and this is becoming of greater and greater importance to those very individuals who are the target market for most of the flower essences, gem elixirs, and other vibrational remedies at the current time, the so-called baby boomers whose parents are now passing from this world. But the real benefit here is that you would be taking the elixir as you are assisting their passage because of the deeper lessons about your own life, your own memories of your past, your own understanding of death, and how this can shift for you.


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