Chinese Bellflower – Releasing Judgement

This is a well known plant from ancient times that was very important in the historical shift from ancient Lemuria into ancient China, much understanding that came as a result of this. There were many of course different aspects of civilizations, typically those which never fully matured, in between: keepers of knowledge, keepers of understanding, and so on, to some extent even utilized this plant as a repository of important knowledge and awareness.

The opportunity to teach, bring forth new lessons with regards to spirituality, connection to others, and most importantly, the ability to build appropriate, helpful community, to connect together with others, and do so in a way that could build something greater than any individual is a powerful lesson that this plant has brought not only to individuals today, but in ancient times the opportunities for this were of some value to what eventually became the Chinese civilization.

This flower has been fit for everyone as a flower essence with opportunity to let go of judgment, aspects where you see yourself separated from others, and recognize a kinship, a oneness. This is very rarely associated with family by those of oriental descent, but for Occidentals it will probably be easier if they will first become aware of that, to utilize the essence and then think upon people you are connected to, in particular those in your family, and then immediately leap: where could this be extended to your greater community, even to people you do not know?

Where could such an energy be better utilized in your life? The sense of interconnection, the sense of interdependence, and the ability to learn from these others is then enhanced. For many people in Western civilization, this is more difficult than you think. Yes they understand about some aspects of group learning, in the development in particular of various sports, and strangely enough as spiritual as Chinese Bellflower is, it also can be very helpful for team sports, for bringing a sense of interrelationship, interdependence, how people can work with each other in team sports. In particular where one who has a particular job, position, some aspect within the team that they are regularly doing, and they need to jump out of that, to move into a different area of learning, or a new aspect, thus changing their position, changing their role in the team, doing something that is new to them. And more importantly, the way in which the team supports this, the way they can shift together.

But this is only a relatively minor application. It’s primary attribute is this way in which you are now better able to learn the great and important lessons from the collective consciousness, those aspects that by their mistakes or by their deeper and more important successes, everything from a small group through a medium-sized to large community, even to a country, even to all the collective souls of all of humanity have to teach you, have to share with you, have to show you.


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