Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidsii) – Transformation

This is a fascinating flower essence because of its interactivity with the insect kingdom in a very rarified and specialized way, the opportunity not just to attract butterflies or to have the famous well-known observation throughout history of doing so, but to then allow people as they witness this to question more consciously the nature of the butterfly and their attraction to it or interest in it. The opportunity to move from one state to another is common throughout the insect world. The utilization of the transformative process is one of the most important lessons that the insect world brings to humanity.

But the butterfly stands apart from these because in its development into unusual shapes and colorations and various ways of interacting with other species, it has presented to humanity a symbol of beauty, perfection, symmetry, movement, and with its unusual colorations and iridescent vibrations, opportunities to perceive color that would not otherwise be available to earliest humankind. This is to represent to individuals the opportunity to discover an inner beauty because butterflies are one of the first insects to act as a sort of guidepost for transformation for people, as people would be fascinated to wonder where did the colors come from, and how often it is that in the larval stage the coloration is so much more muted and yet the seeds of transformation present, certain ways in which the caterpillar has some similarity to the butterfly, a sort of hint of what is to come.

The other aspect of course so fascinating to humans around this is the simple ability to transform from one thing associated with the ground with another associated with flight. The flower essence simply allows an individual to recognize somewhere in themselves a hidden trait, a hidden quality, an aspect previously ignored or not made sufficient use of that now comes into consciousness, and now can be worked with and now comes to a choice point whereby you may come to utilize it, depend on it, bring it forth in a more powerful and profound way, or choose to let it go. The opportunity to bring choice to transformation is the way in which this deva has had extra energy from ancient times.

Astrologically there are a variety of important connections that can be made to the planetoid Pluto, ways in which individuals struggle with the transformations that are often symbolized by transits of Pluto may also have good indicators to work with this flower essence.


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