Bear’s Breeches (Acanthus mollis) Past-life Memory

Bears Breeches has capacity to bring forth from deep within the unconscious the lifetimes an individual has where very powerful important positive lessons were gained and known at an emotional level. This is able to shift ones relationship to an acceptance of that energy in this life. By using this flower, one can engender some positive helpful capacities that if you were to bring them into action in this life would change you, your relationships, who you interact with, many things would be suddenly brought up for a new look. For many individuals this is very difficult. As a result they have an unconscious suppression of the importance of those past lives, even though they could be some of the most important aspects to learn and grow from in this life. Bears Breeches brings forth the highest, noblest, most profound helpful lesson from a past life for you to understand for yourself, for you to have a sense of and to be aware of that you did something very good, you helped somebody, somebody helped you, you learned from this in some way, and the result of it was a positive benefit to the soul. This can combine nicely with Gold elixir.


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